G-Box MX2: Compact Innovation

Technology with LoveThe creative minds at one of America’s leading manufacturers have collaborated to give you the G-Box MX2, an Android XBMC TV box featuring a unique and sophisticated integration of Android technology and the XBMC media experience.

Innovation has always been a key aspect of any product we release, and the G-Box follows that mantra to the latter. We’ve streamlined the firmware to give our users a smooth user interface, whilst keeping the software up to scratch to deal with all your media demands. This has given the G-box the ability to bring you 1080p videos and HD quality audio with little to no strain on its part, bringing an immersive and top quality experience to potential listeners or viewers. All in a moderate and mobile container!

Technology with Love

Our organization has always put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our goals. This has translated onto our support of the G-Box, whose advantages go beyond what’s inside the casing and its affordable $97 price tag.

Access to the Google Play Store ensures a wide variety of apps and widgets to tinker around with, along with XBMC’s already versatile media capabilities intertwined into the Android system. Couple this with a dedicated team of Android developers and XBMC experts who are more than ready to accommodate your technical needs and queries ensuring that when you are in doubt, you are never alone with Matricom.

The icing on the cake is the warranty that comes with the whopping amount of features and benefits the G-Box already has. If anything happens to your G-Box, we’ll replace it. We want you to know how much we care, and how confident we are in our own product.

If you’re as confident as we are, purchase your G-Box MX2 now for an innovative Android XBMC experience.